Casselman Valley Somerset County

Casselman Valley, Somerset County


Casselman Valley Group in Somerset County was formed initially by an independent landowner coalition of about 15,000 acres in Southern Somerset County, this group has grown into the Western and Northern parts of the County to more than 51,000 acres with large drillable blocks throughout.  This acreage is complimentary to an actively producing leasehold recently purchased by Chevron, with large transmission infrastructure crossing the Southern part of the County.  It is possible that this transmission infrastructure will eventually tie into plans for liquidization processing in the Chesapeake Bay.  Current geological data supports viable dry Marcellus production. With strategic growth throughout 2012, marketing efforts for the Casselman Valley Landowner Group (“CVLG”) to attract leasing opportunities have been and continue to be the primary focus.  We will be seeking to further the interest of companies we have already engaged, while working to make contacts with new companies looking to make their entrance into the Marcellus region.

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GROUP FORMED: November, 2011